Why You'll Love

Colleen, Mom
Madison, Dancer
Angela, Mom
Lucy, Dancer

Corey has been a pivotal teacher in my dancing career. He has given me a big push to get me where I am today through his high-energy teaching style and keen eye for technique. He really cares about performance, which makes for a well-rounded dancer with lots to offer!

Corey has been instrumental in the success of my dancer! He was a big part of her training that led to her first World Championships and is always professional, respectful, and patient with his students and their families alike!

Kristen, Mom
Janine, Mom

Corey is a one-of-a-kind teacher. His ability to bring out the very best in every dancer is second to none. He truly listens to each dancer's aspirations and concerns as well as their parents'. It was refreshing to have a male dance instructor who is nurturing yet demanding! Corey's skill at teaching choreography to showcase a dancer's strengths is impeccable. My sons and daughter are grateful for having had the opportunity to work with him! 

Colleen, Mom

Corey taught both of my daughters for over 6 years and was a wonderful instructor. He not only worked with them to improve their technique and confidence, but also taught them the importance of patience, persistence, and having fun! I would gladly recommend Corey and Hudson Irish Dance to anyone looking for

dance instruction!

Colleen, Mom

Corey has been an excellent teacher and role-model for my daughter. His Irish dance knowledge, patience, and dedication to every dancer makes even the toughest classes enjoyable! Corey's commitment to every student and his willingness to go the extra mile helps each student to develop at their own pace and reach their potential - and he always does it with a smile on his face!

Reva, Mom

Corey is a fantastic teacher! He explains the steps in a way that makes sense and really resonates with the dancers. When my daughter was small she used to come out of class with Corey and exclaim that she wanted to be an Irish dance teacher when she got older and I know it's because Corey was such a great example for the kids.  As a parent, I appreciated all the time Corey would take to explain things to me when I had questions. He is a great teacher, but more importantly, he is a very kind and patient person!

Robyn, Dancer

From my very first dance class to my very last, Corey ALWAYS took the time to pay attention to me and every dancer. He truly wants all of his students to be successful. I can't remember a competition (from local competitions up to Nationals) that Corey was not side stage with me giving me tips before I went on stage. He was the person I looked for in the crowd and wanted to see after I left the stage; he's always there with an honest and positive attitude, no matter the result. When I began to teach I remember watching how Corey taught because I wanted to be just like him. I can truly say that it is not every day you come across a coach/teacher that has as big of a heart as Corey. Any dancer that has Corey as a teacher and mentor should consider themselves lucky!

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