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Competitive Irish Dance

Coaching For Beginner to Open Champion

An Irish dance competition is called a Feis (pronounced fesh), and they are 100% optional. At HIDA, participation in competition is encouraged but NOT required. Competitions are a great way to build confidence through performance and show off a dancer's hard work in the studio!  HIDA is commited to building dancers up, not breaking them down. We strongly believe that learning and striving for your best should be a positive experience at every level.

Irish Dance competitions take place year-round and in nearly every state in the USA. Most of the competitions HIDA dancers attend are in the midwest - Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, etc. Traveling to competitions outside of Minnesota is an individual choice. If you want to participate in competitions without excessive travel, there are typically 3-4 competitions in the Twin Cities Metro each year. 


HIDA has dancers participate in every level of competition from Beginner, all the way through the most advanced level of competition, Open Champion.

Meet Our Champions!

Prize Winner, Preliminary Champion, and Open Champion

Beginner and Novice

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